Governance Forum 2015
31st December 2015

A step forward to implement Pakistan’s Vision 2025 pillar on the governance, institutional reforms and modernization of public sector to create high performance and citizen focused governance, Pakistan Governance Forum is being held. The forum shall review state of reforms, develop innovative solutions & recommend plans for accelerated implementation of reforms in the following areas by Federal Government and Provincial Governments;

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Inaugural Session Roundup 2015 & Proposed Future Reforms – Thematic Presentation Sessions Prioritizing 2016 Reform Agenda – Thematic Work Group Discussions Concluding Session
Thematics Areas
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Civil Services Reform

The Vision 2025 stipulates a complete overhaul of the civil services, with a revised system of performance evaluation of public servants in practice based on work performed rather than subjective evaluation. There is a need for redefinition of positions and designations with professional qualification and a career track with specialization for government officers leading to…

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Police and Criminal Justice Reforms

The criminal justice system in Pakistan is in urgent need of reform. Such reform should address critical aspects such as access, speed, cost and fairness in dispensation of justice, while remaining within the confines of due process as enunciated in the constitution.

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Education Sector Reforms

Education forms one of the core pillars of service delivery and any citizen-centric governance improvement efforts must encompass improvement in education sector. The education sector in Pakistan currently faces multiple problems in terms of access and quality of education. In many rural and urban centers student dropout rates are high, while retention is low. Student…

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Ease of Doing Business

In the past, the private sector has been constrained from playing an active role in the country’s development due to a variety of factors such as the energy deficit, lack of security, poor policies and the lack of an enabling environment. In addition to these problems, low skilled lab our, slow and costly judicial procedures…

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Accountability, Transparency & Open Government

One of the major challenges in improving governance is to act against corruption, which is widely seen as having seeped into the administrative fabric and improve accountability and transparency. Evidence is mounting that systematic corruption exacts a heavy price from development activities by reducing investment, increasing capital costs and increasing the time business executives need…

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E-governance is fast emerging as an important tool for achieving good governance particularly with regards to improving efficiency, transparency and making the interface with the government user-friendly. So far the emphasis has been on providing connectivity, networking, technology up-gradation, selective delivery systems for information and services and a package of software solutions. The Vision 2025…

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Islamabad Model City

Although post-18th constitutional amendment service delivery on most counts falls under the provincial governments’ purview. Under Islamabad Model City Project, the government aims to demonstrate the impact of its reforms at ground level and provide a replicable example for other metropolitans of Pakistan. The concept is built around providing exemplary services according to well laid…

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Tax Reforms

The main emphasis of the tax administration reform is on promoting voluntary tax compliance through an enhanced level of taxpayer’s facilitation.

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Health Sector Reforms

Health sector in various provinces is also facing multiple issues and challenges related to governance, service delivery, health information, health financing, human resource and medical products/technologies. Some of the main binding reasons constraining the governance of health system are the absence of adequate national health policy framework, dearth of inter provincial harmonization on health policy…

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Effective Local Govermance

Pakistan Vision 2025 envisions taking decision-making and accountability closer to citizens and therefor stipulates an effective local government system in place. Although it is essentially a provincial subject, government commits to provide all possible support to such a system and ensuring coordination across the provinces.

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Performance Management System Sector

Better performance management in public sector forms the crux of the governance improvement agenda of the government and the government envisions it doing it through embedding performance contracting across government, implementing a performance improvement framework for continual progress and through providing sufficient incentives for high performers. Performance contracting has been used in many countries around…

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Service Delivery & Citizens Charters

Pakistan Vision 2025 seeks a new compact with the people of Pakistan to redefine the very nature of state-citizen relationship.

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